Eco Advisors, LLC is a Florida-licensed asbestos business organization (FLAC) providing professional asbestos management consulting.  Our licensed consultants, EPA- and AHERA-trained scientists, engineers, and technicians provide asbestos surveys, training, project monitoring and supervision.  Our professionals prepare abatement specifications, management plans, and operations and maintenance protocols.  Our industrial hygiene and engineering staff are completely trained and certified to OSHA, EPA, and AHERA standards for all sampling and monitoring.  Our staff maintain accreditation as asbestos building inspectors, management planners, project designers, and project monitors/supervisors.  Please see our Credentials page for licenses and certifications.  Eco Advisors’ has performed thousands of asbestos investigations in varied environments, including schools, commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, public housing, industrial facilities, and residences.

Asbestos services include:

  • Inspections and Testing
  • Management Plans
  • Abatement Specifications
  • Abatement Project Monitoring
  • Pre-Demolition Building Surveys
  • Pre-Renovation Building Surveys
  • Due Diligence Liability Inspections
  • Litigation Support
  • Operations and Maintenance