What are the Requirements?

When you receive a report or set of plans that are sealed by an Eco Advisors’ professional engineer (P.E.), how long must Eco Advisors, and that P.E., hold on to those documents?  The simple answer is a minimum of three years from the date of the signing and sealing.

PE sealFlorida Administrative Code Chapter 61G15-30.009, Retention of Engineering Documents states that a copy (either hard copy or electronic) must be maintained by the P.E./employer for a minimum of three years.

This rule requires each P.E. or their employer to keep at least one copy of any document that the P.E. has signed, dated and sealed. In addition, all calculations related to the signed, dated and sealed documents are also required to be maintained for at least three years.

The intent of this rule is for the P.E. and employer to preserve a legitimate copy of what was originally signed, sealed and dated, along with supporting calculations, regardless of format.

If the documents are electronically transmitted, then a digitally sealed copy must be maintained by the P.E./employer.  If the documents were physically transmitted, paper copies can be maintained, but the rule allows for those originals to be scanned and stored electronically.

The only requirement when scanning a physically transmitted document is to make sure that the original seal remains visible. For example, if the original seal was embossed, one would need to pencil over the embossing on the original so that it is visible when scanned.

Finally, if the P.E. leaves his or her employer and the project remains with the employer, then it is the responsibility of the employer to maintain this information for a minimum of three years.  If, however the P.E. leaves with the project, then it becomes the responsibility of the P.E. to preserve this information.

For more information on this or other environmental administrative requirements please contact John Poggi at jpoggi@ecoadvisors.net.