Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management (ERM) obtained the 170 foot Motor Vessel (M/V) Ana Cecilia for the creation of an artificial reef east of the Lake Worth Inlet in approximately 75 to 90 feet of water.  Eco Advisors was contracted to provide Environmental Inspection services prior to reefing by Palm Beach County ERM.

Eco Advisors inspected M/V Ana Cecilia for environmental concerns with the potential to have an adverse impact on the marine environment if released.  Items included in the inspection are waste oils and fuel, asbestos containing materials (ACM), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), paint and solids, debris, and floatables.  Much of the equipment and materials of concern were removed and oil/fuel residue cleaned and disposed prior to final preparations.  The remaining materials (ACM/PCBs) were confirmed not to be a threat to the marine environment based on measured contaminant concentration or were encapsulated.  We provided a summary of the environmental concerns and documentation of disposal, recycling, or enclosure of these materials prior to reefing.

The Palm Beach Post published an article on June 27th documenting the history of the M/V Ana Cecilia, the plans for sinking, and plans for memorials to victims of the sea from three local families.  The sinking is planned for July 6th and will include the strategic placement of holes cut in the ship and weight added to allow the holes to sink below the water line.  The article is available The Palm Beach Post web site at the following link.

For more information on Palm Beach County’s artificial reef program you can visit .  For more information on Guidance for addressing environmental concerns on marine vessels prior to sinking you can visit